¿Sabes cómo prevenir los síntomas del estrés y sus consecuencias?
Alain Phillips Yeroham
Wednesday, June 05, 2019

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    27 May, 2019
    Ask "What For?" instead of "Why"?
    Sometimes things do not have the outcome we expect and we have to know how to shift out of feeling frustrated, angry, sad or overwhelmed.
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    Money, Emotions, Intent & Quality of Life
    Money, Emotions, Intent and Quality of Life  "You may have a lot of money which buys a comfortable lifestyle, but can money buy your quality of life? Find out how the emotions that you generate while interacting with money can have a direct influence on your quality of life." You may just be surprised with what you learn! In over 16 years of my Life Coaching practice I have worked with people of varied trades, nationalities and cultures in very diverse life circumstances. The one thing that